The Dealbreaker:

Consists of 3 sessions out on track: 10 minutes of qualifying-practice and a 10 lap race.

Cost: R 480 per kart

The Mini Le Mans:

Ideal for bigger groups. Drivers divide into teams and share use of a kart. The event consists of a 30 minute race with at least 1 driver change taking place after 15 minutes.

Cost: R 650 per kart

A minimum of 8 karts for The Mini Le Mans, 10 karts for The Dealbreaker and a maximum of 14 karts can be rented. The cost includes timing, marshalls and exclusive track use. No drivers under the age of 13 years allowed. No timing for kids under the age of 16.

The Junior Birthday Party:

Caters for kids from the age of 9 up until 12 years. The package includes the use of 4 karts exclusively for 1 hour with marshalls.

Cost: R 4800 for the whole event

Contact us to make a booking:



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